A Waiver is a provision in the Federal Medicaid guidelines that allows people who meet specific criteria the opportunity to receive services and supports that enable them to live in their community or at home with their families.

There are four types of waivers administered by SCDDSN: Intellectual Disabilities/Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Waiver, Head and Spinal Cord Injuries (HASCI) Waiver, Community Supports Waiver (CSW) and the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) Waiver.

Section 1915(c) of the Federal Social Security Act enables the SC Department of Health and Human services to collaborate with the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) to provide Home and Community-Based Waiver programs.

Waiver participants can receive Medicaid-funded services and supports in their own home and other community settings instead of in a nursing facility or institution. The cost of Medicaid Waiver services must be less expensive than or equal to the costs of institutional care.

Contact your Case Manager to be placed on the waiting list for the waiver program for which you best qualify.

Types of Waiver Programs and Programs Offered

HASCI Waiver

The HASCI Waiver is limited to people up to age 60 years, with the following conditions:

Persons enrolled prior to age 60 continue to be eligible after their 60th birthday if all other eligibility factors are met. To qualify for HASCI waiver services a person must:

HASCI Waiver Services

ID/RD Waiver

To qualify for ID/RD Waiver services a person must:

ID/RD Waiver Services

Community Supports Waiver

To qualify for Community Supports Waiver services a person must:

Community Supports Waiver (CSW) Services

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